The ThetaHealing® technique is best described as an attainable miracle for your life

If there is only one energy technique you would like to learn, let it be this one. The ThetaHealing® technique will change your life forever. It is simple and does not demand that you give up other teachings. It is also best known for its concept to connect to the highest level of Love and energy of All That Is by changing your brain wave to “Theta” state, and watching the creative energy create instantaneous physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing. It is best known for the belief and feeling work, this empowers people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive ones. To read more about it click here

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What is ThetaHealing®


Vianna Stibal

Vianna Stibal is the founder ThetaHealing®. In 1995 she received a spontaneous healing from cancer through the Creator of All That Is. After being taught how to connect with the Creator to co-create and facilitate this unique process called ThetaHealing®, Vianna knew that she must share this gift with the world. It was her love and appreciation for the Creator and humankind that allowed her to develop the ability to see clearly into the human body and witness many instantaneous healings on her clients and students. In 2000 she began to certify others to teach this amazing modality. She has dedicated her life to the Creator, teaching others the realization that we are one. Through this journey, she has found ways of helping herself and others to have health, love and joy. For more about Vianna Stibal click here

ThetaHealing® Workshops


Theta Brain Wave

In 1995 Vianna Stibal a naturopath, massage therapist, and intuitive reader at the time, had cancer in her right femur. She tried using conventional & alternative medicine but both had failed. Then she discovered that the simple technique she used in readings could heal, and her leg was instantaneously healed. Curious to understand why it worked, Vianna solicited the help of a physicist & with an electrocephalograph discovered that she was tapping into Theta wave to achieve an instant healing. Through thousands of clients she discovered not only an amazing way to connect with the creative energy that moves in all things, but that this energy could change instantly beliefs and feelings that are linked to sickness. For more about it click here.

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About the Facilitators

Tony Shoushani & Maya Badran are the official Thetahealing Representatives for Lebanon. Originally from Lebanon have made a second home for themselves in the UAE.  In 2010, they followed their inner calling and embarked on their ThetaHealing® journey and have since adopted this technique to change all aspects of their life including improving their psychic and clairvoyant abilities. They has been practicing ThetaHealing® since then, and are both currently Certificate of Science & Master ThetaHealers® by the renowned Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing® at THInK USA.

Through the guidance & love of the highest & purest universal energy, Tony & Maya are dedicated to spreading this amazing modality to the world. They are currently certified to teach the following classes:

* Basic DNA2

* Advanced DNA2

* Dig Deeper

* Family Ties

* Manifesting & Abundance

* Game of Life

* Rainbow Children

* Soul Mate

* Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

* Plant

* Animal

* Intuitive Anatomy

* Diseases &Disorders

* World Relations

* DNA3

                                                                                                                           * Planes of Existence

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"I was Maya's student for Game of Life, and found the course to be life changing. Even though the course is only 3 days, it is incredibly well designed, the belief work is very deep, and I experienced some of the biggest shifts that I have ever experienced on a Theta Healing course during Game of Life!

As a teacher, Maya is patient, focused, insightful, and her love for Theta Healing shines through. She is passionate about the course and the great opportunity for change that it provides. Maya is very welcoming and compassionate, and I would highly recommend her as a teacher and practitioner! Thank you Maya!"

 – By Jennifer Philips Main, 2013

"I’ve known Maya since childhood and have followed her Theta Healing journey from a distance. A month ago, my Dad went to a coma after an operation and at first I wasn’t sure what to expect when I’ve asked her to do a distant healing on him and if it will give any results. Doctors were preparing us for the worst but I’ve decided to seek my friend’s help who happened to be one of the best Theta healers :)
She worked on him one night and to my astonishment, the very next day, my dad started showing signs of improvement and two days later he woke up! His readings were improving after each session.
Thank you Creator and thank you Maya Badran for introducing Theta to us.
All my gratitude XXX Karen"

– By Karen H, Jan 10th 2013


"It’s amazing how quickly we learn to live with small ailments that they just become part of our daily life. I suffered with migraines for 7 years to the point where it was part of daily life. Since starting ThetaHealing 2 months ago i have not had a single migraine since. I didn’t realize then how it was affecting me and those around me. Now i know life without it ... Very grateful :) "

 – By MaryAnn Gardner, Jan 11th 2013


"Game of life is a course that will shift your life from wherever you are on the scale to 10 and will give you the ability to remove all the blocks that are keeping you away from achieving your goals or even from realizing what is the most important goal in your life. in this course I was able to remove the deepest negative beliefs I had and since then my life changed to something really beautiful. I am grateful for taking all the Thetahealing classes but game of life is something really different. and I would like to mention that most of my clients are asking me to play it with them so they shift their lives and career same as I did. Thank you Maya for teaching it with such an easy way that encouraged us to enjoy the change in every single day of the course ♥ Gratitude always ♥ "

 – By Roula Edward Azzi , December 17th, 2012


"At least twice a week, someone walks up to me and asks me, how did you do it? What’s your secret? Or, whatever you’re doing, I want it! My answer is always the same: Game of Life. As much as I try to describe this course, nothing comes close to experiencing it. The minute you walk into class and flip through the manual, you’ll immediately know what I mean. A creative course to say the least, it’s structured in a way that is completely customizable to each one’s goals. You can be 10 in class or 100 students, you will feel like this course was specially made just for you. But, the real change comes the minute you step out of class, and start interacting with “the outside world”. With all your blocks gone and your horizons broadened, this is when you really feel like “you can own the world”. I’m going to stop now or I might spoil it for everyone that hasn’t taken the class yet. To sum it up: Game of Life will change your life."

 – By Paola Mounla, December 16th, 2012


"Game of life is not only a business course, its way beyond that where it deeply addresses your personal blocks and barriers to your own success. In simple words, how you see the world around you is what’s limiting you!! Those words won’t be understood while reading this post!! The only way to do so is by attending Game of Life!! Though you’ll be attending classes with many others but trust me that you’ll find it very customized to you!! I am sooo thankful and blessed to all the beautiful things that I have been witnessing since then.. Love and Gratitude ALWAYS… "

 – By Eman Al Zakwani, December 16th, 2012


"In 1989, my Dad had a major injury during the war, after which he was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, a disease very common in the family; so his doctor prescribed for him medication (pills).

His health was kind of stable until 2001 when he had two seizures, which caused him to become dependent to blood thinner. Since then his health started deteriorating and by 2010 his Diabetes became worse and the doctors requested him to start insulin injections to keep the sugar levels under control.

 In February 2010 my ThetaHealing journey started, and back then I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (a pre-diabetic condition). So I started working on all the Diabetes related negative subconscious beliefs to heal myself. Knowing that this amazing modality targets also the genetic level (DNA), every time I did a healing on myself, I used to call my dad and ask him to monitor his sugar level so it doesn’t fluctuate and cause him an issue.

 Today, October 2012 I no longer have insulin resistance and my Dad’s type 2 Diabetes has been reversed!! He is off insulin shots and is only using a very small dose of Glucophage. He is also only on 1/3 of his blood thinning pills too.  

Keeping in mind that I never had the chance to work on him directly, this improvement happened strictly via all the work I’ve done on myself/my genetics. 

 This is one of thousands of testimonials worldwide reaffirming the benefits of ThetaHealing not only on the client but on the ones genetically related to them.

Love you Dad for allowing me to share your story <3"

– By Maya Badran Shoushani , October 16th, 2012

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