Clean Eating

Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad and getting food ready doesn’t have to be a massive chore. Join one of our hands-on workshops and see how easy prepare various types of vegan raw foods that also taste amazing. In addition, in our workshops you’ll learn the concepts of primary and secondary foods, how to break addictive habits, understand emotional eating, food sensitivities & triggers and much more.

Launching this summer in collaboration with Tavola Studio “Raw Vegan Food Workshops” with hands on training, awareness on clean food & plant-based lifestyle, organic produce, breaking addictive habits, deconstructing cravings, understanding emotional eating, food sensitivities & triggers, primary & secondary food. Stay tuned for a chance to learn from Two Raw Vegan Chefs | Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches | Wellness Enthusiasts | Wellbeing Influencers

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